Siemens iQ700 series Siemens / Heimat Hamburg

This is the first full CG campaign Siemens has ever launched, and it‘s a pretty impressive one: consisting of more than 100 print images, various web specials, a TV commercial, several product films and image movies, it presents an exciting new series of kitchen appliances with astonishing innovative quality.

Heimat Hamburg is responsible for the whole ad package and trusted Storz & Escherich not only with the refinement of the overall look but also with the production of the campaign, including 25.000 pixel resolution print imagery or post production and packshot for the TVC. The result is a pool of homogenous advertising materials with a completely consistent look and feel. For a better workflow during this long-term project, which is still running, we implemented a pipeline for the CAD data, that will be operating until the entire design process is finished. Working with Heimat Hamburg and Siemens has been a great experience for us and we’re looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

ClientSiemensAgencyHeimat HamburgProductionBIGFISHWork3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Motiongraphics, Compositing, Editing