TV commercials for Fisherman’s Friend Fisherman’s Friend / Scholz & Friends

Fisherman’s Friend is world famous for it’s lozenges in an instantly recognizable pack as well as for their humorous creative advertising campaigns. For the latest sugar-free summer flavours, “Tropical” and “Spearmint”, Scholz & Friends, Big Fish and director Micky Sülzer produced two hilarious TV spots by cultivating the traditional slogan and theme. Storz & Escherich took over the complete post-production including digital parrots, water balloons, choreographed splashes and multiple summersaults.

Take a deep breath and look for yourself!

ClientFisherman´s FriendAgencyScholz & FriendsProductionBIGFISHDirectorMicky SülzerWorkPostproduction, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Particles, Compositing, Colorgrading