Lexus NX Lexus / PICT INC.

This production for the new Lexus NX was yet another project with Dentsu and Pict.Inc. and it was our pleasure to showcase their premium quality vehicle in all its glory. Being a crossover SUV with a striking grille and vigorous masculine features, it will turn heads wherever it appears. Our concept addressed the process of opening up to something new. We wanted to lead the viewer from a mood of waking-up, on to the thrill of movement and finally to the unfolding of a colour-splashed climax where a new special moment is created – the boost you get when driving a Lexus NX. Once more, we took care of the full production cycle – from the concept development right to the final play-outs.

ClientLexusAgencyDentsu / PICT INC.ProductionStorz & EscherichCDStefan StöckleDirectorDaniel Franke & Sander HoutkruijerDOPLauro Cress / Axel KönigWorkConcept, Postproduction, Shooting, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Colorgrading, Compositing, Editing, Particles