Porsche Taycan – Teaser Porsche / BWGTBLD

With our friends from BWGTBLD, we had the pleasure of creating the teaser for the new Porsche Taycan. In a series of creatively lit, blurred, silhouetted and otherwise mystery driven shots, we were tasked with revealing just enough of the super-secret eCar to get the Porsche lovers excited and give them an impression of what awaits them in the new model, while not giving too much away ahead of it’s release.

In a series of shots for the film, we replaced an older Porsche filmed on location with a CG version of the new model and integrated it into the live action plates. Sounds easy? With strobing and back lit plates, sometimes with fog or in-camera light effects achieved through motion blur, this project really gave our artists the chance to stretch their creative legs (and painting skills).

In addition to the main task of car replacement, we created a light and energy animation and added some vfx love to other shots to round out the mood of this film we were proud to be a part of creating.

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ClientPorscheAgencyGrabarz & PartnerProductionBWGTBLDPostproductionStorz & EscherichDirectorPer-Hampus StålhandskeGradingN Jacobsson / J SchöninghWork3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Compositing, Particles