Make your Life unforgettable Jack Wolfskin / beech studios

Jack Wolfskin is the go-to shop for any clothes, related to the outdoors. Whether it is waterproof footwear, thermic pants althrough specialized mountain sports gear.
You name it, Jack Wolfskin has got it! That message is exactly what was being conveyed in the commercial that we were able to see through with both, Intention GmbH and Beech Studios.
Under the motto “make your life unforgettable“, the adventurous advert promotes the diversity of outdoor products and stunnes the viewer with breathtaking landscapes and astonishing colors. At this point we have to take credit for such, due to our teams‘ topnotch colorgrading and editing skills.

Fun commercial, team and client- we would therefore like to thank everyone involved!


ClientJack WolfskinAgencyIntention GmbH / NaturalBornExplorersProductionbeech studiosMusicPhilippe GlandienWorkEditing, Colorgrading