Research & Development Storz & Escherich

Stepping occassionally into virgin territories in order to test various new work-flows and strategies, we learn to broaden our horizons and confidently adapt to any possible situation. This is not only fun for us, but is also essential for the continual progression and further development of our work, and technical boundaries in general.

01 // Car Replacement Test
Integration of CG-elements into real-footage.

02 // Particle Test
Liquid-particle test on various levels.

03 // Bambi 2010 – Look-development
Example for brainstorming, invention and look-development for the Bambi on-air-design.

04 // HDRI Workflow
Integration of CG-elements in real still-footage.

05 // Ara for Fishermen´s Friend
Short Making Of the Ara.

06 // Showcase “The ultimate driving experience”
R&D Case ‘Car Replacement’ in FullCG.

07 // Fruits
Shading and Animation.

ProductionStorz & EscherichYear2013-2017WorkResearch & Development