Julius Bär – Your Private Bank Julius Bär / eitelsonnenschein

The production for the swiss private bank by the name of Julius Bär was a classical postproduction project. In the name of the new campaign „ Your private bank / your wealth manager“ we developed several TVC’s and print motives.

It extended from the collaborative look development of the prominent CG trail, to the set supervision over to the compositing work and last but not least the post finalization, such as the Edit, Grading and Mastering.

Many thanks for the great collaboration with the director Florian Meimberg, the eitelsonnenschein Filmproduktion and the agency Zum goldenen Hirschen.

ClientJulius BärAgencyZum goldenen Hirschen KölnProductioneitelsonnenscheinDirectorFlorian MeimbergDOPIan FosterEditJohannes HubrichGradingJan SchöninghMusicHofkapellmeisterWorkEdit, 3D Animation, Compositing, Colorgrading, Set Supervision