Porsche Holding Konzerntagung 2018 Porsche Holding / Change Communication

What do you do when the corporate day of Europe’s largest automotive retailer is coming up – and the key vehicle isn’t available?

This was exactly the challenge facing our team in the run-up to 2018 major Porsche Salzburg Holding conference on the topic “Future. Mobility. Solutions. “, since the Geneva Motor Show, which took place at the same time, made a presentation of the new VW I.D. Buzz prototype impossible.

The solution? An artistic performance, and a combination of live action footage and our pre-produced virtual content displayed on a 15×5 meter LED wall. The Dundu figures (brought to life by puppeteers) interacted with the computer generated I.D. Buzz, merging reality and simulation to striking effect.

ClientPorsche Holding SalzburgAgencyChange Communication GmbHDirectorPeter ZobelWorkMotiondesign, Compositing, Implementation