Fischer TVC Scholz & Friends / BIGFISH

Beside the fun and the trunk, this project was also a lot of work. Together with the production company BIGFISH, and director Micky Sülzer, we had to plan every tiny little detail in advance. This was inevitable with the numerous set extensions and CGI elements we had to create for this elaborate new TVC, showing the whole variety of Fischer products and systems. Of course, set supervision was an obligatory part of the job for us and in the end the real elephant was replaced by a CG model.

ClientFischerAgencyScholz & FriendsProductionBIGFISHPostproductionStorz & EscherichDirectorMicky SülzerDOPMichael SchreitelWork3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Colorgrading, Compositing, Editing, Keying, Postproduction, Rotoscoping, Tracking