Ist das noch Handwerk? Heimat / HALAL

The central association of German Crafts, das Handwerk, dusts off its traditional image to reveal a quintessentially modern identity in Heimat‘s comprehensive new campaign.

Built around the question “Ist das noch Handwerk?”, it focuses on five passionate craftspeople, highlighting the special bond they share with their chosen profession through a series of five short films.

A different director was attributed to each individual film, which resulted in the following collaborations:

1. Film: Johanna Röh, a master carpenter – directed by Caroline Koning.
2. Film: Antonia Ramb, a trainee make-up artist – directed by Sam de Jong.
3. Film: Gunnar Blouson, a 3D model maker – directed by Emmanuel Adjej (an almost full-CG production)
4. Film: Jimmy Pelka, mechatronics engineer – directed by Noël Loozen.
5. Film: Eric Wrede, an undertaker – directed by John Kramer.

Throughout the project, which was produced by Halal and lasted approximately 2 months, Storz & Escherich was responsible for all aspects of visual development.
This included 3D modelling, 3D animation, compositing, grading and mastering.

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ClientDeutscher Handwerkskammertag (DHKT) e. VAgencyHeimat BerlinProductionHALALPostproductionStorz & EscherichDirectorSam de Jong, Emmanuel Adjei, Caroline Koning, Noel Loozen, Johan KramerEditTom Seil, Thomas Appel, Felix Schmerbeck, Anselm Koneffke,GradingJan SchöninghWork3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Tracking, Compositing, Colorgrading, Set Supervision