BMW – The Art Of BMW Individual BMW M GmbH

BMW released a new BMW Individual selection that allows one to express their very own personality by designing their automobile with genuine exclusivity.

Specter Berlins‘ signature artistic directing approach is unmistakable in these visonary advertisements.

Each model represents an individual and unique take on the top-performing sport activity vehicles by the German car manufacturer. It seemed only natural to connect the luxury cars to the elements fire, liquid and ice.

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ClientBMW M GmbHPostproductionStorz & EscherichCDStefan StöckleDirectorSpecter BerlinDOPPascal RemondEditJ. Hubrich / C. HarderGradingJan SchöninghMusicPhilippe GlandienWorkConcept, Postproduction, Editing, Colorgrading, Compositing, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Motiongraphics, Tracking, SounddesignLine Producer