The new king of Mallorca nexible / DOJO x Pretty Ugly Motion Pictures

The innovative insurance company, nexible, launched worldwide the first insurance blockbuster as part of their new, daring campaign. Jürgen Drews, a famous German crooner known by the name of ‘the king of Mallorca’ starred as the leading role. The concept and production was a developed by the DOJO x Pretty Ugly Motion Pictures collaboration.

The plot of the story tells the clash of two kings from two different worlds: The king of Mallorca meets the night king from the cult series Game of Thrones, as his heir to the throne. The twist to the plot was not only to draw some evoking attention to the advertisement but pulling the leg on todays social media meme society and pop culture by ending with the spot with an eye winkling question „What has this got to do with insurance?“

As part of the production with the director Max Millies, our work extended from the on-site supervision on the Balearic Island to the classical post production work, where we worked on a total of 40 individual shots. Particularly, we adapted all the eyes of the night king himself and all other possessed zombies in approx. 30 shots and further designed and build the entire snow world seen at the beginning of the advertisement. In further detail the development of the snow world consisted of set extension with 3D matte painting and CG snow simulation as well as green screen compositing of the people in the foreground.

ClientnexibleAgencyDOJOProductionPretty Ugly Motion PicturesDirectorMax MilliesDOPPhillip KaminiakEditDavid GesslbauerGradingMike BotheMusicSizzer BerlinWork3D Mattepainting, Compositing, Set Supervision