Ab in den Urlaub TVC JvM/Havel / BIGFISH

The new Ab-in-den-Urlaub campaign from a successful German travel agency communicates that everyone can get exactly the vacation, they wish for.

All individual commercials were shot in one take and all the inner mouth takes were done in full CG. In order to have a clean transition from the real footage to the CG work, we replaced parts of the individual facial features in CG with the help of a 3D photoscan.

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Clientab-in-den-urlaub.deAgencyJung von Matt/HavelProductionBIGFISHPostproductionStorz & EscherichDirectorMicky SuelzerDOPPeter MatjaskoGradingJan SchöninghYear2017Work3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Tracking, Compositing, Colorgrading, Set SupervisionModels & Casts: wantedmodelsagency / OrdinaryPeople